Home Loan

Buying a home is an expensive purchase, finding a mortgage to suit your financial needs as well as your lifestyle is critical. We will work through your needs, to find a home loan that best suits your needs. We will explain what a fixed or variable interest rate can mean? What deposit you need to start with?


If you’re a homeowner and considering buying another property, releasing your equity in your existing home loan could be the easiest option to help you reach that goal. We will help you build your property portfolio by tailoring the right loan to suit your needs.



A home loan is a long-term commitment and it’s important to understand the ins and outs of refinancing and decide if it’s the right option. Need a bit of extra cash, consolidate your debt, looking to purchase an investment property using the equity in your current property or just a better rate to save you money. A refinance is a great way to save. Due to lenders being more competitive than ever, a simple refinance can put money back in your pocket.

Personal Loan

Are you wanting to go on a holiday or is the credit card getting out of control? A personal loan can be a simple solution for you to consolidate your debt into one simple loan and save you time and money. Our team at A&S Financial Group can help you find the right loan to suit your needs.


Car Finance

A&S Financial Group is here to help you get into your new car as quickly as possible. We will help you choose the car loan to fit your needs. We have access to all major banks and lenders in the country and accreditation with all the major lenders in the country and have experienced consultants to tackle any requirement.